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Dear Sirs
Welcome to GEOTIP.NET Football Preliminary Forecast Service.
Today staking on football is the most popular event of current importance. Significant place in the world is occupied by Bookmakers, their income, which comprises of 10 % of the total world income. This is the amount, which is loss by the players in bookmakers by incorrect staking on different teams.

Our site is aimed to assist to the players in correct staking. Our team is working on football preliminary forecast. Fore more than 4 years we have been personally participating in staking and I assure you our stakes are quite successful ones. Our team of Football Preliminary Forecast consists of 5 professionals with great experience, two of them are former footballers, and they know well all the football nuances.
Football Preliminary Forecast Service works every day during 24 hours to propose to our clients qualitative forecast. We suppose forecast after our team specifies and analyses all the nuances of the game, team staff, game statistics, championship, host stadium factor, weather conditions, winning and loss percentage, potential favourites, meetings and only then probable forecast is made.

Are you bored to loss your money to bookmakers? then join us, play with us and be a winner

Sincerely, GEOTIP.NET

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