Awesome Flash Games for Sports Fans!

Posted by adminComments Off on Awesome Flash Games for Sports Fans!Dec 11, 2013

It is very popular to make Flash Games now, but there are not so many Sport Games in this field. So, i wanted to share new and highly popular games series with you.

 Sports Heads is new brand game styles, where heads of sportsmen are playing to score goals and get the points. There is 2 different style of the game, 1 player game against computer and 2 player against each other. So, you and your friend can play against each other. This company already published variety of games, like: Basketball, Soccer, Tennis, Hockey and so on.

Trust me, this games deserve to try, coz i`m playing them all days. It is not too heavy and any computer can start it. You need Adobe flash player to play it, but there are not too many customers who have no this player. So, it is really problem. You need at least keyboard to move player and score the goals.

There are skills based system, when you are playing these games. So, if you score too early, or with new and different style, you will get some skills, which help to improve your player and beat the opponents.

My lovely game is Sports heads football championship and it’s european version. You can play there with championship or league styles. Play these games and let me know your opinion also.

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